Perlite Applications
Mining sector

With our long lasting experience in different minerals (industrial minerals like perlite, bentonite and zeolite, as well as magnesite, bauxite etc) and a network of experts and collaborating laboratories we provide services for the whole value supply chain from exploration, resource development, production and commercial settlement through to recycling and wastes minimization.

Construction materials

With several years of participating in QC/QA of construction materials (cements & concrete, bricks, roof tiles etc) and different R&D projects concerning from mortars and plasters through to insulating and photocatalytic materials we can support SMEs to develop, produce, certify and launch their products to international markets.

Agriculture / Horticulture

With our laboratory facilities and the expertise in application properties of the different minerals we can investigate and define the appropriate substrate for soil enhancement and/or replacement in collaboration with other geoscientists.

Functional Fillers
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