Ultra fines expansion

TechnicalGalleryTechnicalGallery Perlite Microspheres Lab Production and Testing Project in.mat-Lab has [...]

Smart Mining Project 3DMAInt – MINE.THE.GAP

TechnicalGalleryTechnicalGallery Project Title: "Interactive 3D Mine Mapping Artificial Intelligence: from [...]

Methods Development

TechnicalGalleryTechnicalGallery Methods and Tests developed Expanded perlte tests - The [...]

LiComPerl (Τ2ΕΔΚ-02398 )

TechnicalGalleryPresentationsTechnicalGalleryPresentations LiComPerl presentation for Perlite Institute Annual meeting 2021 LiComPerl [...]


TechnicalGalleryTechnicalGallery Cluster of companies for Efficient and sustainable Construction, buildings [...]

A greener greenhouse

TechnicalGalleryTechnicalGallery Work in progress

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