Smart Mining Project 3DMAInt – MINE.THE.GAP

Smart Mining Project 3DMAInt – MINE.THE.GAP

Smart Mining Project 3DMAInt – MINE.THE.GAP

Project Title: “Interactive 3D Mine Mapping Artificial Intelligence: from pit-to-market decision support instrument” (3DMAInt)

Project proposal, submitted under the MINE.THE.GAP 2nd open call, passed the evaluation phase and was selected for funding.

The digital solution proposed will provide a 3D interactive imaging for smart exploration and exploitation of an industrial minerals deposit according to its final uses (e.g., insulation, construction, agriculture, filtration etc.). The main objective of this PoC is a digital Demo interface that will provide a view of a future Prototype and allow use to engage Bêta-Testers of the future Prototype.

This innovation will allow users to define their own scenarios regarding final applications for the deposit and retrieve a 3D bloc model of the corresponding market value. The solution will advocate a better use of mineral resources and will democratize best practices. It will be a powerful leverage in raising awareness regarding resource optimization. This solution also incites small-scale mining and end-use monitored excavations in a global economic context.

Lead of the project is in.mat-Lab which covers a set of innovative services in the neuralgic sector of industrial minerals and their applications worldwide. With results verified on industrial scale by its clients, the company offers critical information for smart exploration & sustainable mining based on end-uses and markets, resources and wastes minimization. The purpose of the project is to bring this expertise in the next level through the digitalization and the development of an online tool for in.mat-lab and its clients.

In collaboration for this solution, ENVISOL is a consultancy company with a branch specialized in Geostatistics and the development of artificial intelligence applications and is therefore a provider (ICT) of its expertise in digitalization. ENVISOL is specialized in environmental assessment and earth-related innovations and R&D. A key sector ENVISOL has invested in is the digitalization of environmental and geological expertise.

Sunrise Resources, acknowledging the contribution of in.mat-Lab in several SR’s projects is eager to participate in the stage of validation of PoC. They are willing to share their geological findings along with the results regarding application evaluation of their deposit. The later was the collaboration outcome (invoiced service provision) concerning the mine-mapping of USA perlite deposits.

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