in.mat-Lab attending 2021 Perlite Institute Virtual Annual Meeting

As members of The Perlite Institute, in.mat-Lab will attend the “2021 Perlite Institute Virtual Annual Meeting” (

One of the session highlights will be in.mat-Lab’s presentation on Project LiComPerl (Code: T2ΕΔΚ-02398). This presentation will give a brief overview of a nationally funded research and development project focused on the development of composite lightweight materials with upgraded physicochemical functionality and improved economic feasibility presenting a new perspective for quantifying lab data and approaching the industrial application.

A second presentation will be regarding Attrition Test method where we will review the proposed methodology for evaluating the resistance of bulk expanded perlite to attrition.

In.mat-Lab is actively involved in Perlite Institute’s Filtration Committee and also in the “Methods for Testing and Characterization of Raw and Expanded Perlite Review” Team.

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