in.mat-Lab New Services

Technical support Industrial Design, Engineering & Consultancy

We are happy to announce in.mat-Lab’s new additional services on Industrial engineering (process & mechanical), design/specification for equipment and systems, consultancy optimization services, on Perlite (expanded & raw), Bentonite, Vermiculite and other minerals.
Some projects run by our highly professional affiliates in the industrial sector are the following:
• Raw perlite processing plants around the world (crushing, drying, grinding, screening) and reformation of already operating ones
• Numerous projects, around the world, for perlite expansion systems – expander proprietary design (raw material preparation & handling, furnace with auxiliaries, expanded product classification and handling) and for various perlite grades.
• New processing plant for filter aid grades production, based on specific company’s proprietary processes and equipment supply.
• New processes and plant optimization for run-of-mine bentonite (activation/ enhancing of properties, size reduction/classification, drying, milling, handling/storage)
• Vermiculite processing plants (coarse ore grade production/exfoliation proprietary design plant) and
• Plenty of minor plant modifications, process improvements, machinery & equipment design, small investments, project management and technical consultancies etc.

Distinct Offer
In.mat-Lab can provide survey of existing installation and reporting on potential improvements followed by feasibility analysis (benefits vs expenditures).
in.mat-Lab offers the specific service in a competitive package aiming to further colaboration with those who want to further improve their business.

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