in.mat-Lab’s Education and Dissemination activities – December 2021

in.mat-Lab’s Education and Dissemination activities – December 2021

in.mat-Lab has organized and realized a seminar on Perlite mineral for the undergraduate students (5th/7th semester) of the School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering of NTUA (SMME-NTUA), and for the “Applied and Environmental Mineralogy” new course (supervised by Professor Maria Perraki). The aim was to become familiar to Perlite as an industrial mineral and understand the intrinsic characteristics and the key properties of Perlite in relation to its known and new potential applications.

The seminar, being also a part of our dissemination activities regarding T2EDK-02398 LiComPerl (National funded project), had 3 distinguished sections:

  • Geological Characterization of Perlite Deposits (X. Simos)
  • Perlite mining and raw material processing – Expansion process – Applications (A. Amanatidis)
  • LiComPerl – Development of composite lightweight materials with upgraded physicochemical functionality and improved economic feasibility / An update communication of the project’s findings (Dr. A. Ekonomakou)

The students visited in.mat-Lab’s Laboratory and participated in an expansion demonstration followed by characteristic tests of physical properties that took place also in the LiComPerl project. The high interest of the participants was quite satisfactory and promising for future knowledge interactions.


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